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Day 29

Day 29So... it’s wrap up day. Last paragraphs and edits the day after. Hasn’t these days gone quick ??

Day 27

Day 27Think about giving your book out to readers you know for their feedback and your acknowledgement section.

Day 26

Day 26 All the new people can wait until the challenge starts again or if you are brave do it in 5 days..!! For this who started and had to stop... the same applies... restart [...]

Day 25

Day 25 It’s not his long your book is, it’s how good your book is, so don’t threat about the length.

Day 24

Day 24 You will have 2 book forms. 1 as an ebook on Kindle and the other as a paper back Get those prepared... I may have a template for you to use. [...]

Day 21

Day 21 We will be publishing our books by a ‘Print on Demand’ service. Amazon is one, I will let you know the other one. Keep that writing going..!! [...]

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