The concept of the write a book challenge is simple, you have 30 days to complete a written piece of work, specifically a business book. This challenge is really something that you can just task yourself with and get writing! However from first-hand experience, Andrew Crawford the creator of the 30 Day Book Challenge, knows how hard this can be and is why he has created the 30-day course on how to write your business book in 30 days.

This may sound pretty easy but to be successful in this challenge there are a few steps you will need to take to ensure you stay on the right path.

Firstly it is important to look at your diary schedule over the next 30 days – do you have the time to dedicate to this challenge? Writing a book can be extremely time consuming so making sure you have time in your schedule to write a little a day will be essential in keeping to the tight 30-day time frame.

Secondly, it may be worth you printing a 30 day calendar and sticking it somewhere in the house that you visit often. This way you can time manage efficiently and help keep yourself motivated by ticking off your writing day-by-day. The truth is, if you are unable to cross off a number each day you’re not serious about writing a book in 30 days. It’s a test of determination, if you are willing to take the actions necessary to write the book then you will have written a book in 30 days.

While having a book written at the end of the 30 day deadline is a huge deal, the biggest benefit of this challenge is something you’ll gain that’s far more important. This challenge requires you to write almost every day, even the days when you’re only able to write a word or two, it forces you to sit down and write something. That daily writing will turn into routine and once you have established that as a habit, you will have created a foundation which will allow you to focus your mind on anything you set your mind to.

So if you have had a goal to write a business book in the past, but have failed to get it done, then the 30 day write a book challenge will finally make these dreams turn into reality. Best of all, at the end you’ll have written a book and have the skill-set in place to write as many more as you want in the future.

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All great things start with an initial idea. Start by thinking about a topic or subject you know you will enjoy writing about. Next write the idea down and keep it with you so you always have a clear goal in mind.


Make the necessary planning preparations to ensure your 30 day write a book challenge is successful. Print a 30 day calendar and mark clearly the milestones to help keep yourself motivated.


Start by dedicating to writing a little a day, and then eventually build up to a comfortable word count. Give yourself realistic word count goals and mark on the calendar clearly the quarter, half way and three quarter milestones.


Allocate some time to proof read your first draft and then give yourself feedback. Is there anything that needs changing? look at ways in which to improve your book and spend some time making amendments.


Once you are happy with your book and have proof read your final draft you can finally take a deep sigh of relief and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment for finally completing the 30 day write a book challenge.


With an achievement like the 30 day write a book challenge it would be rude not to look at publishing your work either digitally or by print. Having a hard copy of your book will feel like receiving a trophy and we can help you with this final stage!





The challenge is not merely a means of writing your book, there are so many other positive aspects that will come with the dedication and drive of writing a book. Upon undertaking the challenge you will be joining many other like-minded individuals and be able to meet new people, discuss ideas and know that it’s not just you taking on the 30 days. Mindset is something which will always need to stay strong throughout the challenge and once you finally complete your book the sheer sense of achievement will fuel you to undertake other challenges in your life, ones which you never thought were even possible.