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Write Your Business Book in 30 Days – Online Course


If you’ve always dreamt of writing your own business book but never had the time to write it, then this course is for you.

Andrew Crawford, creator of the 30 Day Book Challenge, has now compiled his entire teachings into an easy-to-follow 30-day course for you to write your very own business book. You are provided with a downloadable course manual covering all sections as well as videos and mp3s of each section individually if you prefer visual or audible learning.

The course focuses on 30 daily sections, each with a definitive list of tasks for you to follow and steadily write your business book. Andrew will be teaching you the Aristotelian model of the ‘3 Act Structure’ narrative technique, in order to not just write your book, but create an entertaining piece of writing for the whole world to read. As well as learning what steps you must take in order to write your book, Andrew will also explain other vital aspects you need to know in order to publish and market your book upon completion.



The course focuses on 30 individual modules, one for each day if you are going after the 30-day challenge approach, or simply 30 sections for you to focus on as and when you can. As well as providing you with a downloadable course manual which covers the entire course, each section has its own video and mp3 recordings of the lesson, so you can choose whichever method is best for your learning technique.

Section 1: Your Why
Section 2: Planning
Section 3: Narrative Structure
Section 4: Act 1 – The Setup
Section 5: Act 1 – Exposition
Section 6: Act 1 – Exciting Incident
Section 7: Act 1 – Plot Point One
Section 8: Act 1 – Review Day
Section 9: Act 2 – The Confrontation
Section 10: Act 2 – Rising Action
Section 11: Act 2 – Midpoint
Section 12: Act 2 – Plot Point 2
Section 13: Act 2 – Review Day
Section 14: Act 3 – Resolution
Section 15: Act 3 – Pre-Climax
Section 16: Act 3 – Climax
Section 17: Act 3 – Denouement
Section 18: Act 3 – Review Day
Section 19: Referencing, Bibliography & Appendix
Section 20: Foreword & Acknowledgments
Section 21: Introduction
Section 22: Book Review Day
Sections 23 & 24: Proofreading & Editing
Section 25: Formatting
Section 26: Contents Page
Section 27: Additional Resources
Section 28: Title, Cover & Blurb
Section 29: Getting Your Book on Amazon
Section 30: Marketing Your Book


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