Day 1

Welcome and your first things to do

Why (My 1st draft)

Never again struggle to motivate yourself from being a couch potato to an ‘All Action Hero’

In this book you will be taken through experiences that will move you from Motivation to Motivated to Motivational. You will be on your own personal journey.

You will learn

· How to discover your triggers that will launch you into action.

· How your motivated state will in turn motivate and inspire others

· How to use the power of Focus to achieve whatever you desire.

Using what you already possess inside you, ignite that small flicker and watch it grow. Add some ‘fuel’ and observe. Watch how that simple little flicker can quickly turn into your own Roaring, Devouring, Consuming Flame.

Note: As I said before, you can always edit your Whys…This is the first draft. It’s not about getting it right…it’s about putting in the ACTION because your book will NOT write itself. These are the first small steps towards the end goal.

Remember, you will have a chance to EDIT your Why page. It is designed for a buyer picking the book up and reading the back page….What will push them to buy your book? What will they learn?

If you get stuck, like we all do, just write something and you will start flowing….correct spellings later..!! xx

My example of ‘All Rights Reserved & Copyright’ page.

If you haven’t done yours yet, you have permission to copy mine and add your details……(just helping you get started and kicked into action)

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